Urban Planning

I've done work for urban planning places with the following items released to the public

Urban Planning work - Urban Circus - 2018

Animations, Camera work and Textures

Mernda Station (Melbourne) - visualisation

Hawkstowe Station (Melbourne) - visualisation

Middle Gorge Station (Melbourne) - visualisation

Creating a vibrant and green link to the Rundle Mall Precinct and a destination where people shop, visit and spend time.

I worked with a team of people to created these visualisations.

During my time at Urban Circus I did modelling, texturing, animation (mechanical, camera and humanoid), composition and character placement. On the projects shown here, I added life to every scene shown using Anima. I worked on the vehicle animations (minus the trains), the animations of the elevators and did minor changes to models.

I have also done a collection of small models, textures, animations and edits to small urban planning projects not featured here. Including work on a VR experience for The Metro Tunnel Authority.

I was moved from one project to another to help get small items done with speed.

All of these were achieved with Anima and 3dsmax.

VR non-specific

This is the Virtual Reality area for VR work that wasn’t a part of the games industry or urban planning industry.

Work I’ve done for VR in the games/entertainment industry include: Angie’s Party, Dance Collider, and St John’s Ambulance First Aid Experience

VR Models - Remote Client - 2017

Modelling, UV layout and Textures


The client required a stylised version of her head to be created and one for the students she is teaching in a VR setup. The requirements were that it was low poly and there was no rigging for animation as the engine didn’t allow it. Texture animations were allowed and so the mouth and eyes are animated. The mouth has basic phoneme animations and the eyes allow movement of left, centre and right as well as a blink. The eyes are not mirrored to allow for asymmetrical movement for a smoother look around if required.