Game Projects and Mods


Poop Deck - Seadogs - 2017

Team Lead | Character Rigging | Animation

Blender | Maya | Photoshop | Unity


I was team lead to a very large group (6 other people) and main 3D artist. I created the mesh, rig and animation for Wendell. Beccy created the boat and it's textures. Kayleigh created the textures for Wendell and with the help of Beccy created the 2D assets that turn up. 

Take control of First Mate Wendell and clean up the deck of The Mermaid's Delivery so that she can reach her destination. 

Dances with the Elder Gods - 123Squid - 2016

Environment modelling | Menu systems

Blender | Photoshop | Unity


I worked on the 3D environment and the menu setups. I also helped other groups out with their art.

A DDR / Mastermind multiplayer mash-up for 1-4 players. Perform a ritual dance using the directional controls on your joypad or keyboard, then watch your player dance! You get feedback as to which dance moves were correct. Try to guess the correct ritual dance before everyone else to survive the round. 

Mods for Rimworld - 2014 & 2015

2D Pixel Art | GIF Animation


I have created sprites for Mods in the game Rimworld. These images were made in aseprite and photoshop. They are designed to be small. 1 unit is 64 pixels – most images are 2×2. I have kept to the original style of the game to suit the world around it.

Alpha Muffalo Mod, BetterPower+ Mod and the Animal Rugs Mod. 

Happy Apartment - 2015 - Studio Blimp

Environment modelling | Character Modelling


Happy Apartment I was the only 3D artist on the team. 45 items were modelled and unwrapped in under 30 hours. Textures were created by the UI artist and 2D concept artist during this time. Studio Blimp did an amazing job for so little time.

"In Happy Apartment it's your job to use items found around the apartment to solve problems that crop up. Most problems have multiple solutions... though sometimes might require an item you're using elsewhere, so don't be afraid to swap them around! Think outside the box! If the apartment's denizens witness a problem, they'll start to worry, then freak out. Don't let them lose their minds." 

Bumble Rumble - 2013 - Studio Blimp

Character Modelling | Environment Modelling | Textures | Rigging | Some Animation

3dsMax | Maya | Photoshop | Unity

I was one of 2 3D artists in the group and created the 3D models for the environment and the character. 

“Once a pollen time, in a garden not too far from here; the Buzzkills, Bumblezz and the Dumbledores must search the garden to grow their hives. The bees are armed for conflict! who will come to a sticky end? and who will survive the year to come?”

The words were: Growth, Sticky, Arms.

The game was created within a 48 hour timespan