Shimmer And Shine: Magical Genie Games - Nick JR - 2017

Character and Environment - Modelling, Unwrapping, Baking, Rigging, Animations.

I worked with a small group at Plug-In Media, creating some of the props characters and environments. Some of the work was used in the other Shimmer and Shine project as well. 

You can find links to the work here: AmazonAndroid and iOS, it can be found as part of a larger app. 

Kids can choose from a variety of dress-up and hide-and-seek mini-games to earn special genie rewards. Watch this walkthrough video featuring Nick Jr's Gamer, Alyssa, to see how it's done!

Modelled and unwrapped the candy cane, the ginger bread man, the Christmas hat and Nazboo

Modelled and Rigged Nahal 

I modelled and unwrapped the snowmen in the background as well as Leah and Parisa