Buccanner Boogie - Krome - Parrot - 2018

Animations in Maya

I worked on a dancing game that required a parrot character to bob to a specific beat.

It all had to loop back to the idle pose.

More artwork, videos and more of a description can be found here

First Aid VR Learning Experience - emergeWorlds - Mia - 2018


Unfortunately the playblasts are not very good quality but the character changed after I left the project and I was unable to acquire the audio I worked with originally.

I would change a few things with this project, the animations feel a little too smooth and floaty in some places and aren’t perfectly synced with the audio that was provided.

Stylised Humanoid Animations - Taj Packs - 2015-2017


Animations are enjoyable for me but 'realistic' animation for characters that interact within a photorealistic world, is a skill I am probably the weakest in. 'Cartoony' animations are my strongest animation skill as you can see in these Taj Pack characters.

Realistic Humanoid Animations - Test - 2016

3dsmax | CAT Rig

Push - Pull


Stylised Humanoid Animations - Fighting Style - 2013

3dsmax | Biped Rig

These warrior animations were created using the Biped Rig. They were created with RTS game like Spellforce in mind. I wanted to make sure the animations were view-able from a zoomed-in perspective as well as a top-view perspective. 

Disclaimer: the character below is a Scarlet Onslaught Character from WOW. There is no original artist accredited to that specific character but the character has been uploaded to a few different sites. 

Custom Rigs - 3dsmax - 2013-2015

I enjoy making and learning about rigs be it for environments or characters. I've learnt to create rigs without joints/bones due to software requirements as well as using different textures to create a simple facial rig for mobile VR.

All of the rigs below were created for student study at SAE Brisbane. These were created in 3ds Max.

A simplified rig with IK/FK switches on the arms. 

This rig walks on it's hand. The legs are not backwards. It was inspired by Sebulba (Star Wars)

A simple spherical rig for squash and stretch

A cannon rig